Class is now in session, so if interested keep reading. Professional Wrestler, Tito Sanchez, would like to invite you to his new wrestling school, the TITO SANCHEZ SCHOOL of PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. Would you like to be a part of one of the most physical businesses in the world? Are you willing to make sacrifices to be a wrestler? Would you like to be a part of a team? Most of all would you like to be a part of the entertainment business? If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of then give the TITO SANCHEZ SCHOOL of PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING a try. With twenty years of professional wrestling experience. Tito Sanchez will guarantee to teach you the fine art of professional wrestling. Let Tito's wisdom prepare you for the grueling road of being a professional wrestler. His years as a pro wrestler has taken him all over South Texas. His methods of teaching rival any other wrestling coach in San Antonio. Being broken into the business by wrestling great, Larry Lane. Tito takes his time in his teachings, but will make sure you are properly trained before stepping foot into a match. Along with his assistant trainer, and protege, El Latino, the training will be grueling, but well worth it. Tito, guarantees each student 6 months of basic training. The total price of the school will be $2,500 dollars, with $300.00 down. You pay $150.00 a month, but the monthly payment has to be made before your training progresses. Still, with Tito anything is negotiable. Once Tito feels your ready to wrestle your first match, he'll lobby to get you work with various independent wrestling companies in South Texas. So if you think you can handle paying the price of being a professional wrestler. Prove it. Don't hesitate, and call "The Man". Get ready for the hardest training which in the end you'll love.

For further information, you can call Tito Sanchez at (210) 923-7070 or Cell ( 210) 259-1037. You can also e-mail at TS S of PW. Until then "The Man" we'll be waiting.

For Booking, Advertisement and Other Information Contact, El Latino

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